I was fortunate to have the professional assistance provided by Canada AG Immigration & Citizenship Services. I had attempted to obtain Canadian citizenship for two of my adoptive sons and one biological son all born outside of Canada. I had attempted to navigate all of the forms and gather all of the needed information in my free time. By the time I had all of the information gathered and the correct forms filled out, the process had changed and the forms that I had completed were no longer accepted. It was a daunting task. The high cost of lawyer’s fees for me was not an option. After struggling with the process myself for about 1 full year I found Canada AG Immigration & Citizenship Services.

The people that assisted me, professionally guided me through the forms and gave me precise information on all of the paperwork and translations that I would need. They made the process easy. I had tried, and could not do it on my own. My decision to use their services has been one of the best decisions that I have made. I could not be more pleased with their service.

Thank you Canada AG Immigration & Citizenship Services for all of your hard work and prompt replies to my many questions. Your assistance was paramount in my family reaching a life changing goal. My sons options in life have changed dramatically, and our options as a family have increased dramatically, thanks to your assistance.

Thank you to all at Canada AG Immigration & Citizenship Services!

Todd Kliensasser

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